Don’t let the flowers fool you!

Hello and welcome to my first website! I am the author of fantasy fiction and sexy love stories, ranging from the terrifying to tantalizing! Be patient with me while I work out the bugs…technology isn’t my thing but I’m learning. I chose the flowers as my header because I’m hopelessly in love with pink, but my stories tend to delve deeply into dark worlds. No worries though, a happily-ever-after is the only way out for me! My first story Lizbeth is a simply written urban fantasy about an ordinary girl with extraordinary gifts, and I fought hard for her to see the light of day inside the minds of others. Keith Publications gave Addison a face and now others can experience her amazing and mind-blowing journey out of the darkness into another land that seems to be made just for her, but beneath its Technicolor landscape lurks something with a very black heart.

My sexiest book yet, The Heartbeat Journal, will be released with Beachwalk Press this November, as well as two more paranormal fantasies coming soon with KP. Thanks for checking in and please stay tuned. This is for you. Without your love, support, and interest, my characters’ magic would fade out into cyber-space oblivion, taking all of their secrets with them.


8 thoughts on “Don’t let the flowers fool you!

    • Thank you Valerie!! You’ve been such a supportive friend and I appreciate it more than you know!! I miss the days when I worked next to you…you always were there with a smile and encouraging word no matter what the situation. 🙂


    • Thanks Monica! I’m working on figuring it all out. There’s so much more I want to do with it!! Thanks for your smiles every day—I look forward to seeing your face!


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