Excerpt from The Heartbeat Journal

Nestled in her hotel robe and panties, Everly felt safer than she’d ever felt in her life. Under the thick blanket on the sofa, she watched Ben move to the coffee pot and then to the other side of the room and she traced the curve of his back under his white t-shirt with her eyes, carefully studying the slope of his rear as he walked by. There was something so criminal about his stride, the scent of his fresh shower drifting around her…his confidence and his distress all at once. A new line had formed on his forehead since she’d seen him last and it made her think that maybe he cared about her wellbeing way more than she thought. He drifted into the easy chair across from her like a deity from another place. A land where perfect skin and hair was the norm. A planet where the men all smelled like expensive cologne.



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