My first author’s fair!

Since this writing journey began, I’ve fantasized what my own book signing might look like. Would I be sitting at the table with my hands folded in my lap with nobody in line? I’ve had nightmares prettier!

It’s been fun gathering goodies to give away for this event, and placing a hundred stickers with website links onto copies of my book covers was tedious…but these are only a few of the daunting tasks we writers must do to promote ourselves. I’ve sent numerous emails to local publications and passed out dozens of business cards, only to receive one tiny mention in the Modesto Bee…but trust me, I was ECSTATIC to have that! Building a readership is not easy. To me, each and every little thing I do is worth while—even if I only gain one reader at a time! That is one more person to share my dreams with.

On September 20th, the Stanislaus County Library is having its annual local author’s fair and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Our community novel Ashes in a Teardrop gets its own table, and I get to hop back and forth from theirs to my own! It’s also Farmer’s Market Saturday, so come out and meet our local authors and get some valley-fresh produce. Hope to see you there!


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