Author’s Fair

What a great day!

Bumbling along with my bags of goodies, pencils and business cards, I spent the first few minutes wandering around trying to find the perfect spot for my table. I was nervous. My wing-woman and best friend of over forty years served as my comic relief while we tried to figure out the perfect position for my cards and book covers, and my kids just literally said “Here mom—this goes here.” I’m such an over-thinker!

I met some great people and enjoyed chit-chatting with readers and finding out what they really want. The only thing I was lacking and wishing for was an actual paperback book to sign, but ebooks are the future. Luckily come October, I should have my own hard copy of Ashes in a Teardrop in my hot little hands. (YIPPEE)005 Thanks for stopping by!


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