Petri Dish Diaries Excerpt~ Coming Soon!

Under a broken street lamp I waited. A breath of air pushed my hair over my cheek and I cringed—every nerve on edge—I would filet open an artery if touched by a human right now. I stayed out of sight behind the Cork Liquor’s garbage dumpster watching him step through the shadows gripping a young girl’s arm. Her life a tragic combination of unfortunate events—maybe a runaway searching for freedom only to end up here. Though free to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I was a prisoner as well. Nobody to tell me when to eat, clean my room, or to get a job—this was my job right here. The man’s revolting dirty shirt and scruffy unshaven face made him look exactly like what he was— a dirty old man selling teenage sex for money. I’d taken many lives in this parking lot; it wasn’t the greatest side of town. Many crooks met a face worse than death behind this store—me—and it kept guilt from eating me alive. Yes I had a conscience. Underneath this scary mask lived a natural blonde with a decent heart. The dark side was just more powerful.




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