From Day One

007From as early as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with scary movies. When I say obsessed I mean beginning October first, I start to scroll the guide for all the movies I’ve loved over the years searching endlessly for black and white classics and newer horror flicks as well. I can live without stabbings and flinging body parts—I’m not a fan of slasher movies! (believe it or not) My thing is the suspense, the clinging to the edge of my seat holding my hands over my face…waiting for the thing to appear out of the shadows. The scream.

I remember as a child watching The Night of the Living Dead in my friend’s living room, completely horrified that these dead people from the cemetery were stalking this poor woman and a few others in an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere! My friend, asleep on the floor, had no idea what she was missing. I sat riveted in the middle of the room, my eyes stuck to the TV—would she get out? Would she live? Of course not. From then on, that’s what I did…every movie that came out…every show on TV. Stuck to the screen like glue! Even as adults, I take my kids to the Halloween store and we ooh and ahh at the grossies we see and play with the rubber dead things like kids in a toy store.

Real death does not fascinate me thank you. I’m all about life and butterflies and unicorns for real. The make-up and special effects intrigue me though, and when I write about scary things, it will end up with a positive resolution— light must beat out the darkness. My love of vampires has been with me since The Lost Boys. Lestat and Louie have been a part of me since my first Anne Rice novel. Bella and Edward…well from the first word of Stephanie’s series, my soul has never been the same, and I thank her for that from the bottom of my beating heart.

I want to wish everyone a happy Halloween and a beautiful fall. May it bring you chills and thrills, or at least something that makes you squeal!


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