Lizbeth Excerpt

We traveled through the moving, weeping bushes. Every living thing in this place felt something. Whether it was sorrow, fear or joy, peace or pain, they were living breathing entities with beating hearts. Be it inside their photosynthesizing cells, or inside the cavern of a fleshy chest, each and everything cared. My own sadness had to be constantly swallowed. I had to be aware of my emotional state every second. It was daylight now, so I felt a bit more comfortable with myself, but my head was so full of things to think about, I had a headache. I wondered if my friends back home wondered where I was and what was I going to tell them if I ever made it back? Then I wondered if I really wanted to go there at all. I was here with Shay and hopefully going to find Luke. This place needed me so much…and I needed it. We just had to survive it.


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