Community Novel Presentation


What a great time! Stanislaus County has officially launched its first collaborative community novel—and yes, I held it in my hand! Finally a book with my name and picture on it in paperback! Even though only one chapter of fifteen, I experienced so many things by being a part of this first for our community. I met some incredible people—writers, editors, library personnel. Book people. I learned how to listen to ideas, share my own, and even put some of my thoughts on plot on the shelf. I had three or four different scenarios I wanted to use for my chapter ten, but by the time chapter nine came in, I had to shelve them all and come up with something completely new!! What a challenge.

Then there was the latest mystery of who’s copy of Ashes in a Teardrop did I snag on accident? I had one in my purse with receipt that I picked up for a friend, and my own complimentary copy that had been signed by the other authors—or so I thought. “No Ellie,” They waved me down as I was ready to leave. “We have your book right here!” My initials were there where I’d written them. How did Tally’s parents’ book end up in my hands? Nobody knows. We had books flipping, flying and scooting around all night. In the end I think we all ended up with our own copies…but laughs were plentiful and so were the home made brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Best thing of all—having my number one fans there to support me. Husband, parents, sister, son and friends.

You can get your copy of this awesome caper Ashes in a Teardrop at



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