Like vampires? It’s excerpt time! Petri Dish Diaries is coming soon!

Eva stood up straight and held out one rigid wrist—her fist clenched—her countenance made out of ice. Abel muttered a four letter word.

“Take a taste, if you dare,” she hissed at me, tired of arguing. “You’re right. We’ve never tried this before, and without Nathan we’re all screwed. Doomed to the old life we’d happily left behind us.”

In the edges of my vision, I watched the family shift and separate into a circle around us as I zeroed in on the pale skin of her wrist. The raised purple vein snaked up to the crook of her elbow like a beautiful river on the distant planet of excellence. She had the perfect skin—smooth and hairless—a dream for any vampire. The color of coffee at the mall. I could hear the rush of blood racing through it and a rumble erupted deep inside my chest, but I clamped my lips shut for fear of releasing the thunder. My stomach leapt at the thought of this chance at relief while whispers from Zeek to Able to Kaitlyn buzzed in my ears that pricked forward. I was collecting sensory data from my meal.

Her heart fluttered like a bird’s, the walls of her dry throat pressing together—her fear smelled delectable.
It was time.


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