My mom is everywhere…


As warmer weather approaches, (even though I feel like it never really left) I stare at my closet full of old clothes. When did I become my mother? She still wore floral blouses from the 70’s even though it was the 90’s and hung on to “short-shorts” she’d had for years that were really only in style in the 80’s. But that woman could pull it off. Although she’d had these items since the dark ages, she always looked impeccable, from her luscious pink lips to her flowered embellished flip flops, and not to say she didn’t have her fair share of new things too. She did love to shop…
Mom was more colorful than life itself, and loved to wear bright lime greens, all shades of turquoise, and had quite an array of hats. She was my idol! And when I see big haired, tanned skinned women that smell delicious…I see my mother.
When a hummingbird zips by, I know it’s her. When I walk by a row of scented candles, her face flashes before my eyes. Elvis sings a song on the radio, I see a vinyl record spinning inside our old brown console record player. Mom’s voice is still as clear as a bell inside my head.
Mother’s Day came and went without her. My heart is always heavy, missing the days of Mother’s Day brunches with her dressed to the hilt and wearing a corsage from my dad, but my kids always make it special for me. Their grown-up cheeks are just as scrumptious as when they were little, and I would fade away into oblivion without them here to make me laugh…because laughter is life’s sweetest creation. (that last quote belongs to a Papyrus card but it rings so true for me)
I want to wish you all a happy belated Mother’s Day and a fabulous summer. May you make many precious memories with your families that stay with you for always.


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