The Box of Me

I think I’m having a mild midlife crisis.

But I won’t be running out to buy a corvette any time soon.

So far, the only crazy thing I’ve done is sit my not-so-firm butt down on the dusty garage floor to poke through a “box of old stuff” for the sake of posting something entertaining on Facebook. Well, in doing so I opened up a box of realizations. In that crate of old photos, jewelry, cards, and letters, I found something I’d lost. The younger, much more naive Ellen was staring back at me with brighter eyes and a much smoother smile. And as I thumbed through stacks of poor quality photographs, I realized how time changes people. I’m so not that girl anymore. Nearly thirty years have passed since I posed in a bikini for a stranger (although a legitimate photographer) just because he asked me to. It’s been close to three decades since I rode a scooter on a busy road for miles without a helmet. I’d spend hours in the sun without sunblock! (hence the not so smooth smile)

Lesson learned.

With that said, I lived my youth wild and free with the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, searching for adventures at every turn. And I’m not done yet. Although I cherish quiet rest way more than I used to and am slowing down physically, I yearn to see new places more than ever.

And might I say another good thing came from the ’80’s’ box besides a newfound appreciation for modern photography. I found one of my favorite old necklaces that I’d loved but forgotten about. Thankfully, with the help of super glue and beads from my mother’s broken necklace, I gave it a fancy face lift. So now when I wear it, I’m carrying a little piece of days gone by and a dash of my mama’s flair all at the same time.

So here is my piece of advice for those who have their pasts packed up and hidden away in the attic: Don’t let those memories collect dust for too long because you never know what treasures you might unearth. It’s a good thing to be reminded of who we were and who we’ve become.



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