Five years in the making

It’s hard to believe I wrote this book in 2011. It was accepted in 2012, but because we had other books that were more ready to be published, we decided One Copper Sky would take a back seat. In the meantime, I had time to rewrite it, which I think I did three times, but I think as writers we are never really done with a manuscript. You just have to put down your pencil (or shut your laptop) and believe you did the best you could. Otherwise there are infinite ways to improve a book, your technique, the flow of the story etc. blah blah blah. It could go on and on! I love this story, its characters, the ideas that came bursting out of my head when I started it. What if we had no sunshine? What if we lived in darkness with artificial light as our only source of illumination and heat? How would our bodies adapt? Bluster Falls is all that is left of California, and there are things that live outside its borders. Monsters that come after Copper Day, (the one day the sun shines per year) are the blackest of dragons yet. Only Summer knows how to kill them, and her secret is beyond anything you ever thought you knew about things that go bump in the night. Noah would die to protect her, but who would protect him from her?

Not your typical love story, One Copper Sky is about fighting for hope in a world where hope is in short supply. This book is not for the lighthearted or squeamish. It’s for people who like something that will keep you on the edge of your seat; its definitely not a fluffy romance. But love is an all-powerful thing, as we already know, and I believe it overcomes many obstacles. Fall in love with Noah’s unfailing determination to gain Summer’s trust, as she doesn’t trust many. Her own losses have her keeping people at arm’s length.

Download the ecopy here. The print version is on its way soon! I hope you enjoy the ride through the darkness in search of the light. There are many surprises to come!


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