Isn’t it ironic?



Excuse me while I fangirl.

When my two daughters and I headed out on a road trip to L.A., we had no idea that it was going to be one of the greatest experiences of our lives. For one, we had tickets to see Taylor Swift—life made. Two, we had dinner reservations at SUR before the show. This restaurant is where they film one of my favorite reality shows called Vanderpump Rules about the servers and bartenders who work there.
Once we made it through hell (that would be the streets of Hollywood) we parked and entered the restaurant. We had the first seating so it wasn’t very crowded, which was a good thing because I was already ridiculously starstruck by just being within the four walls of this eclectic, sexy establishment. And I knew if I came face to face with Lisa Vanderpump I’d probably become a tongue-tied idiot, fangirl her into hiding, and then quite possibly die of shame for doing so. I did get a picture with Tom Sandoval and his girlfriend Ariana who were two of my favorite people on the show. My girls had their picture taken with Peter the ponytailed bartender. Our meal was delicious, and the ambiance AMAZING!!
On to the concert. Taylor Swift is known for having famous guest stars at her shows, and during the long drive we’d discussed who our ultimate celebrity guest appearance would be. I said Ellen Degeneres—DUH. Emily wished for The Dixie Chicks. Well, you’ll never guess who two of her guests were…
When Natalie Maines (lead singer of the Dixie Chicks) was announced, all of our jaws hit the floor. Isn’t it ironic? Wait it gets better!! Out comes Alannis Morisette. Right? Cool beans. Then, it’s dun dun DUN…Ellen Degeneres!! She danced out onto the stage wearing a dress that matched Taylor’s. Ellen doesn’t do skirts, so it was quite hilarious, and at this point I’m screaming, crying, and snotting up my dress. ELLEN DEGENERES is in the SAME ROOM as me!! I was ridiculous. I’m still ridiculous. Still talking about it seven months later.
So friends, be careful what you wish for. Better yet, wish for more things more often. Wishing things into existence really does happen. We are living proof!



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