A Novel Idea

Hello, everyone! Yeah, it’s been a number of weeks since I’ve posted a blog, but you know, busy busy busy!

In the seven years I’ve been a writer, I could never seem to get past the 40K word mark. I wanted to resolve my conflicts and let the boy GET THE GIRL! I needed that happily-ever-after ending in a bad way, and I wanted it now! Not that I rushed through my story, but I just felt like that was enough to get the point across and get the story told. And it was. But now it’s not. At least not for Emma and Jack.

In order to get to the real meat of this new story, I had to dive way down deep. Emma is a clerk at Rex’s Pharmaceuticals with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder resulting from a tragedy at the tender age of eighteen. She’s terrified of everything, especially germs. (imagine working in a pharmacy where you have to deal with sick customers…yeah, that) She likes to live her life in the slow lane. Jack, one of her intriguing, painfully handsome customers, has the need for speed. But she’ll never know any more than that because she’s too shy to speak to him.

When he forgets his wallet at the counter, Emma’s boss Maggie Finnegan works up a plan to get the two of them together. She slips the wallet into Emma’s purse and leaves a message on her answering machine at home to return the wallet to Jack in person.

But there’s a snag in the plan. Emma learns Jack is moving seven-hundred miles away very soon. He wants to teach her what it’s like to feel alive again, but that requires time. She works full-time, he needs to prepare for his new job and has boxes to pack. Escrow closes in twenty days.

He shows up on her doorstep in the middle of the night determined to get her heart pumping again if she’d allow it. Time was slipping away. And bucket-list-adventures were afoot.

Although it seems I’ve written something highly erotic, truth be told, I haven’t. This is a story about deep loss, debilitating fear, and delves into the consequences of bad decisions and how guilt can hold a person back from truly living life. But have no fear, it’s sexy and filled with angst and yearning (and a little sex too) I love love. I will always write about love. I hope you’ll love Nineteen Days as much as I do. It’s available for your Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.



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