Nineteen Days is live!

Yes, I staged my book as I would a newborn babe. It is, after all, the brainchild that kept me awake many nights as I thought about these two polar opposites. Hour by hour I schemed and plotted on how I could push them together, how I could make this work. Thrill-seeking Jack Spencer secretly admires the quiet, gentle beauty who comforts and calms her grumpy customers, but she won’t even look his way. He can tell there’s more to Emma Mallory’s story–an introverted germaphobe working in a pharmacy?  Weird. But, again, she seems to be the kind of girl who’d do anything to help someone out, even if it means sacrificing her own sanity. What he doesn’t know is, she questions her own sanity more than anyone. She’s made so many mistakes in her life, years have been lost, and now she can barely handle the thought of taking even one little risk. She’s afraid to go fast–she’s heard the rumors about Jack; he loves to go fast, and she feels she could never relate to him even though she is completely intrigued by his enigmatic personality.

But he offers her a deal she can’t refuse.

Nineteen Days is now available on Kindle and in paperback. Take a risk on Jack and Emma and find your way to the true meaning of forgiveness. Experiencing a daunting love story in-between is just a bonus.




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