New Faces

liz new cover

My first novella published has been a real learning tool. Lesson one: Check and recheck to make sure the proper file has been loaded. If that means combing through every sentence and every word (again) then so be it. Even though you’ve read it a hundred times already! Even if you have a publisher and an editor. They are human too, and ultimately you wrote it, your name is on it, you made the mistakes, and it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be. Lesson two: Getting cover art is exciting, but it’s the face of your story forever. Make sure it’s exactly what you envision because it’s not easy to change later. Lesson three: Make sure you have several people beta read your manuscript before you submit. Having no experience writing books, I was clueless. Having unbiased people read my story would’ve saved me tons of work later on.

So, ta-da! Three years later I’m giving Lizbeth a new face! Some people say let the old books on your backlist go and focus on new creations. I just couldn’t do that with this story! She deserves a second chance. The paperback is second edition, and I want to say pretty clean. I’ll let you all know when she’s loaded and ready. We are just in the process of finishing up the details. Have a GREAT JULY, everyone. You’ll definitely need a copy for your beach bag. It’s full of colorful underwater (and above water) magic, and of course, it’s a telling young love story. And who doesn’t like love and magic?liz new cover



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