Something new is on the rise!

Whew, we made it through another holiday season! This one was a real doozy…I worked my tail off night and day! And now, as I stare at my lonely, neglected little author’s page, I see it’s been months since I last posted. I want to express my deepest apologies for being so rude. I’ve been busy in my writing cave writing this lovely little story, as you might’ve already guessed. It took me weeks to get the blurb right, and I hope it gets you right in the feels!

We all have emotional scars, and finding the road to healing can be tough. But if there’s someone to walk the walk with you, wouldn’t that be a start?


All Chloe Anderson wants to do is spread her wings, but her fear of rejection has her cemented to the ground in a mundane, colorless life. Her cynical family has no time for her exasperating childlike nature, and self-harming is the only way she can cope with the distance. She’ll never be free if she doesn’t let go of the past. And Shiloh Duncan might be her one-way-ticket out of isolation.

Drifters, however, are hard to hold on to. Shiloh only plants his feet long enough to construct butterfly gardens along his path to reconciliation, and soon he’ll be off to another monarch habitat without her. Nonetheless, Chloe’s seen the magic of his remarkable hands working the soil, and he might be the one person who can bring her caged heart out into the great-wide-open.

But Shiloh has his reasons for running, and a new one just arose from the ashes of his own scandalous past. And his instinct to fly runs bone deep.

Can the love of a damaged outcast change the ways of a born wanderer? Only the butterflies know for sure.



Coming February 2018






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